8 Best Coffee for Cold Brew

In summer time, cold brew coffee is always a better option than hot coffee, most especially when it comes to cold beverages. So how do you prefer a cold brew than hot for your favorite early morning beverage?

In this post, you’ll learn about the top-notch cold brew coffee you might want to consider.

1. Koffee Kult Dark Roast

A lot of coffee experts know about the best cold brew benefits of the Koffee Kult brand. Their beans are freshly roasted before they are packed and ready for shipping. Every pack of Koffee Kult Dark Roast consists of a dark-roasted blend from the Columbian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran selection of coffee beans.

Koffee Kult’s dark roasted coffee beans are everything about its taste, freshness, courage, and, most importantly, when it comes to customer satisfaction. Koffee Kult has a tagline that says, “Be one of us.” It means that this brand is bold, perfect for cold brewing.

The roasted beans are 100 percent Arabica, so you are guaranteed that it’s worth the money. The company is famous for selling whole roasted beans, which are freshly ground coffee beans and known for having the best-tasting coffee. It’s smooth, regardless of having a bold taste. Koffee Kult cold coffee brand already knows that consumers want the best and easiest method to come up with the best cold coffee. This coffee manufacturer produces great beans that are perfect to roast for perfection, sealed tight in high-standard bags.

If you want an espresso, just grind it then put the right pressure and temperature to bring out all the goodness. For a classic coffee, grind the beans and make it like French press to bring out the maximum oil extraction. Enjoy the Koffee Kult dark roast every morning all the creamy espresso during lunch break.


  • Has a strong aroma coffee beans
  • Has peculiar flavor and stability


  • The sweet flavor followed by a bitter taste that may not suit everyone’s taste

2. Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Coffee

Many people are used to funny and even classy coffee advertisements. This brand is not afraid to tell what it really is. It’s not about the strange hot coffee that’s only present at parties such as cocktail parties and even presidential dinners. Coffee is a drink that can be enjoyed by everyone, and it is expected to pack for punch. Then, what makes about the Death Wish so special? Well, there are many things to consider why it is special.

If you are in about caffeine first, Death Wish Organic offers a double dose effect. Spending more time in clubs and drinking rum until you feel that you are Jack Sparrow? Just take your daily dose of Death Wish Organic, and you feel more awake the next morning you wake up. Death Wish Organic will not fully cure your hangover, but perhaps it will make you sit straight and become fully useful.

Just simply grind the dark roasted beans, then run it into hot water, and you will get the smoothest brew in your whole life. The combination is not earthy, as well as not as bitter as you expected. It smoothly goes down before it gives a serious push. Don’t feel afraid to try it; rather, just do not overdo it either. Death Wish is considered as the “world’s strongest coffee”, so it is not advisable for everyday use.


  • Has a smooth taste
  • Has no acidic side effect


  • May possibly give unexpected jolts (consult your physician first if you have an existing heart condition)

3. Real Good Coffee Co Breakfast Blend Light Roast

Real Good Coffee Co Breakfast Blend is grown from Central and South America, and they pack the final products in Seattle. This brand is known as the best whole bean coffee for everyone. The highest quality of Arabica coffee is collected from the growing place in bigger batches and then roasted and ready to pack for freshness.

It has a realistic citrus flavor that comes with a touch of milk and chocolate flavor. If you are addicted to coffee that has a smooth and chocolate taste, and you rather choose the whole bean more than the blend, then definitely this coffee product is the best buy for you.

The whole beans that come from the Real Good Coffee Co are just right to use for any type of coffee machine include the drips, French press, espresso, Aeropress, and Moka pot. They have been in business for the past 30 years, and it currently has more contenders as compared to other whole bean coffees. It takes part with other ground coffees where its contenders could only have whole beans. It’s so flavorful that almost all ground coffee lovers may not resist it for cold brewing or the perfect beans making one of your favorite cold drinks.

Real Good Coffee Co Breakfast Blend Light Roast bean coffee is the ideal coffee for morning to make you at ease to start your day. Also, because it is lightly roasted, the coffee itself contains a high amount of caffeine that offers a series of high caffeine kicks.


  • Can be used for cold brewing
  • Smells like milk chocolate and cream making it more desire


  • Some consumers find the beans for cold blend too light for its flavor

4. Col Brew Lab Ground Organic Coffee

When it is quite hot outside, and you are longing for caffeine, but thinking of a hot coffee makes you feel drooping, then it is the perfect time to try for a coffee cold beverage. Get an intense taste of freshly brewed coffee in a cold beverage without having the acidity that goes along with an iced coffee.

If you want to begin brewing your cold brew coffee for such days that you just need something cool to drink, which is still full of taste, then this product will be the best choice coffee beans to process. The company roasts its own coffee in New York, where it is primarily powered by caffeine and outlook. With this pack, you can see where the New Yorkers get that outlook from.

Arabica Columbian Supremo coffee beans are used, verified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. It has a lot of flavor without using any preservatives and even pesticides. It has a well-built flavor with rich aroma making it more ideal for a flavorful cold brew coffee not the same as warm coffee. Now, you can experience the ultimate cold brewing and a cold drink with a punch.

Every bag of this product is an accountable source that comes from Africa, and it is roasted for perfection before it is packed to make sure that it remains fresh. It comes with a pound bag of Arabica beans that donates a portion of the company profits for shelter for dogs. This means each bag you purchased can give back to the dog to give them shelter. The company offers a guarantee of satisfaction. The unusual cold drinker has found that they need to brew it first to have stronger than recommended for more flavor.


  • Guaranteed hundred percent organic
  • Modesty roasted blend


  • Needs to store in the refrigerator

5. Hugo Roasters Cold Brew Coffee

This product is specifically made from formulating cold brew drinks while providing a tasty and full-body flavor. Some of the flavors that come from the beans taste like chocolate, nuts, and spice, making it ideal for all kinds of smooth coffee drinks.

To acquire the best form of coffee beans, you just need to heat it for about 24 hours with the use of a cold brew maker, then you can add it to your favorite blends. You can also enjoy it as it bursts with energy to make you stay alive.


  • Each bag will donate for dog welfare
  • Bristly ground


  • Weaker strength

6. Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew

This product is exclusively made for cold brew. Each one pound pouch of pure Arabica comes from the Columbian Supremo has been roasted to dark roast and prickly ground for a slower production.

This product has a bold and balanced taste and effects. It is lightly smooth that follows with a sweet flavor with just low acidity. The pouch is made as a stand-up pouch that comes with a resealable bag that can be sealed after use. The eccentric buyer may want more of the bitter side, and some find it underwhelming.

Thanks to its triple-layered foil and resealable bag, the coarsely ground coffee remains fresh even for longer days. As it was specially made for cold brew drinks like the tea or iced coffee, this product has a ground option that offers the perfect grind size, roast level, best quality as well as the great flavor for your favorite cold drink.

The beans for cold brew are made from 100 percent pure Arabica beans that come from the Columbian Supremo origin, and the dark roast comes with a rich, smooth, and well-balanced flavor. Enjoy your cold coffee drink today!


  • Resealable pouch
  • Low-acidity


  • May lack flavor

7. Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass

The Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass is a whole bean medium roast that has bright and chocolate coffee with a hint of red currant, milk chocolate, honeyed berry, and sugar cane when blended together it becomes a delicious cup of cold coffee.

The beans for a cold brew from this company are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as organic. Some coffee drinkers found the beans oily and slightly roasted dark for a medium roast. It quickly greets you “wake up and kick ass” inside the box.

The beans are free from harmful pesticides and insecticides that protect the consumer, as well as the coffee farmers, integrating natural ways to maintain health. The good folks behind Kicking Horse company believe that organic coffee does not come to terms.


  • Medium roast
  • Hundred percent organic


  • A bit oily beans
  • Slightly roasted for medium

8. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee blend to create a well-balanced flavor profile from beginning to end. Optimized for cold-brewed, it has a roughly ground 100 percent pure Arabica, which is organic from USDA, and it is originally sourced from Peru and Nicaragua. Each bag has a combination of light to medium and dark roast beans that offer a smooth and sweet finish with caramelized and hazelnut flavors.

There are a lot of buyers that are confused about its flavor notes, and they thought that it actually contains hazelnuts, in preference for its hazelnut flavor. The combination is not as rough as you like when compared to other kinds of coarse grinds, which means there is a possibility that some of the grounds may pass through the filter.

This cold brew coffee has higher caffeine with low acidity content that makes it easier to pass through the stomach, and it is an ideal source of energy for those who need sustained energy for work.


  • Organic approved by USDA
  • Has the best coarse ground coffee for cold coffee making


  • The confusing coffee listing description

Choosing the Best Coffee for Cold Brewing Tips

During the summer season, it is quite difficult to beat the refreshing bounce of having the best cold-brewed coffee. Cold brewing coffee can be the ideal way to bring out a coffee bean’s indefinite flavors. And yes, not all coffee beans are created equal and suitable for a cold brew; some may find it more beneficial treatment, but others may not.

The following are some tips for choosing the ideal coffee for cold brew.

1. The Result of Temperature on Cold Brew Coffee Taste

Hot coffee is blended within 91 to 96 degrees Celsius while the cold brew is blended in between 2 to 21 degrees Celsius. The lack of heat from the procedure makes the cold brew it’s different and perfect characteristics that need twice as many grounds and a lot of additional brewing times when compared with the hot coffee methods.

2. Dark Roast or Light Roast

Choosing between the two for cold brewing is an important matter when it comes to personal fondness. Your ideal chance was to do an experiment.

Best Dark Roast Coffee Buying Guide

Best Light Roast Coffee To Buying Guide

3. The Grind Size Is Important

Either you purchase a pre-ground bean for cold brew, or you just grind it for yourself, just keep in mind that the grind size is important to attain the best results. A coarse grind is always more desirable for a beverage. The fine grounds commonly develop more bitter flavors, and it possibly resulted in being an over-extracted bean. When you use the slow drip way, the grind size is certainly important, as the coarse grind is quicker to start drip while the finer grind has the possibility to become denser and can restrict the flow of water.


Do I need to keep the cold brew refrigerated after I make it?

Yes! You can keep your cold brew coffee in the refrigerator after making one. It keeps your cold brew beverage cold for a better cold brew drinking experience in the summertime.

What grind can I use for cold brew coffee?

Coarse grind, just like you grind for a French press. It makes the filtration better, and it is easy to steep while you’re sleeping for the best cold brew coffee experience.

Do I need to filter the water for making cold brew coffee?

Yes, because cold brew contains 98 percent water, so make sure that the water you use is fresh and clean.


Having a cup of cold brew coffee is as refreshing as the hot coffee gives. It is even better as it has a lot of benefits from ease for you to use, such as giving an extra caffeine punch and helping those who experience weight loss. Also, summertime makes cold coffee brew the best to quench thirst and benefit from extra energy.

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